Mediheal Tea Tree Care Solution Essential Mask Rex


Scent/Texture – light tea tree smell nothing strong or overpowering, clear gel

Price – bought this as part of my haul when i went to Seoul on sale at olive young for w1000 (less than $1)

Ingredient Highlights – tea tree oil, chamomile extract, centella asiatica extract. All of which takes care of excess sebum and oil, large pores and sensitive skin while keeping the skin moisturized. Contains no alcohol, parabens and synthetic fragrances. Impressive ingredient list.

Medical Collagen Impact Essential Mask Rex


Scent/Texture – neutral scent you can’t almost smell anything like aloe leaf, clear gel

Price – on sale at olive young at w1000 (less than $1)

Ingredient Highlights – hydrolyzed collagen, elastin, acetyl hexapeptide 8 that tightens, moisturizes, and gives skin vitality. No alcohol, no parabens, and synthetic fragrances.

Mediheal Vita Lightbeam Essential Mask


Scent/Texture – smells like fresh oranges, clear gel

Price – on sale at olive young w1000 (less than $1)

Ingredient Highlights – vitamin c (sodium ascorbyl phosphate), tocopheryl acetate, oryzanol, that makes skin more radiant and bright. No alcohol, contains parabens.

Mediheal Revital Essential Mask


Scent/Texture – neutral aloe leaf scent, almost none, clear gel

Price – on sale at olive young w1000 (less than $1)

Ingredient Highlights – chitosan and tocopheryl acetate gives skin elasticity and nutrition for a more radiant and healthy looking skin. No alcohol, contains parabens.

Mediheal NMF (Natural Moisturising Factor) Aquaring Ampoule Mask


Scent/Texture – neutral aloe scent, almost none, clear gel

Price – on sale at olive young w1500 (around $1.5)

Ingredient Highlights – sodium hyaluronate and  ceramide NP for moisture. witch hazel water and mushroom extract that helps tightens pores. no alcohol, contains parabens.

Mediheal Pearl Light Proatin Mask

check out this unique feature that covers your mouth and eyes for that extra TLC. I look like a mummy lol! and i cant keep my mouth and eyes shut for 5minutes harharhar!!!

Scent/Texture – light floral scent. milky cream

Price – w3000 (around $3)

Ingredient Highlights – copper tripeptide, acetyl hexapeptide8, hydrolysed conchiolin protein, amino acid complex 5000ppm for anti-aging.

In Summary – All variants has the same fit and feel except for the pearl variant shown by the above picture. They just vary in specific targeted need to different consumers. By far my favourite one is the tea tree variant since it is my current need based on my skin type. Material up close is somewhat ribbed that allows skin to still breathe while it clings to the face. Masking lasted for 40-45 minutes.

Material/Fit – cotton. The company boasts of their PT Cell Technology that tightens facial lines and sheet transformation from cotton to gel type.

Verdict – the moment this one touches my face it clings and fits perfectly, i was in awe. material was cotton but it functions as if it was hydrogel. 45 minutes went by and the t-zone part of the mask has gone dry and the cheek part are still soaking wet. It only meant that my t-zone part have completely suck in those goodness and my cheek portion since its normal did not need that much. The only sheet mask i have tried that have specifically targeted my problem area. By far the most perfect description of a sheet mask should be. Beats out all the other expensive brands out there. I love trying out different kinds and brands but this one is I’m willing to go back and stick to forever.

Radiant and glowing skin the next day. You need to use the sheet mask variant consecutively to be able to see a significant effect of what each variant has claimed to fulfill.

I am now officially a sheet mask addict because of this. Since there are still a lot of essence left from the mask, before tossing it out glided the remaining essence unto my arms and boy was i surprised the next day that my arms were so soft. I even asked my husband to touch them and he was too surprised and said “woaaahhhh!!! what did you do?” so he flipped and laughed when he found out my answer. lol!!!

5/5 HOLY GRAIL if on sale, will be hoarding for more. 4.5/5 for regular price still so worth it