Korean Rubber Masks are commonly used in luxury facial spas. They are made from a mixture of powder and water that once mixed together the ingredient alginate causes the mixture to turn into a gelatinous mask that conforms to the contours of your face without the risk of evaporation so naturally it forces all the mineral rich nutrients to be absorbed into your skin. You can’t get that same results with any of your usual wash off masks.

How to use:

  1. add water to fill cup just below the given line.
  2. stir together until you reach a gummy texture.
  3. apply the mask making sure to put a thick layer on the sides.
  4. leave on for 10minutes or until texture is rubbery.
  5. slowly peel the mask off then rinse or use toner to remove residue.
  6. proceed with your usual skincare routine or just end with your favorite moisturizer.


Lindsay Vitamin Modeling Mask

Ingredients – diatomaceous earth, calcium sulfate, glucose, algin, tetrapotassium pyrophosphate, allantoin, vitamin c, adenosine, niacinamide, portulaca oleracea extract, ferric oxide, cellulose gum, sodium benzoate, parfum


Price – w3,000 bought at olive young. Other variants are lavender, tea tree, collagen, charcoal, calendula

First trial experience – apparently i was too slow in mixing the powder and the water together that halfway through, the mixture was hardening before i even put it on my face, so the almost hardened mixture barely stuck to my face 😦 lol! So, if you will be doing this also, do make sure to mix the powder and water in less than a minute and immediately put it in your face in less than a minute as well.


So here goes my second trial of the Lindsay masks…

Lindsay Luxury Gold Magic Mask

unlike the first one which comes with just the powder that you mix with water, this one comes in 2 packets that you mix together. Before anything else, make sure that you apply this on a cleansed face and toner, or you can put on some BHA for a more intense pore cleansing action.


Price – w5,000 bought at olive young. other variants are charcoal and sea blue.

Second trial experience – ok so i mixed it too fast and put it on too fast this time…so i got these clumps that were not mixed properly. hey, i panicked. lol! last time it almost completely dried on me, this time it was barely ready to be placed on my face, but hey i still managed to take it off in one piece so still I’m going to give myself some credit and horayyy!!! maybe third time will be perfect.

Processed with MOLDIV

*Please dont mind the skin tone difference since they were taken at different lighting places. dont mind the pimple on the right side of my nose on the before picture this one was taken 2 days before i used the rubber mask then the after picture was taken minutes after i removed the rubber mask.

Verdict – This is for both my 1st and 2nd trial although not perfect still amazing results. This was phenomenal! I have never seen anything like this. Just check out my pore size it has dramatically reduced. And those minute bumps, unbelievably gone. I can’t believe it myself!!! My skin is soft and smooth that I can only have dreamed off. (of course, after a few days my pore size were back to normal, unless I do this everyday so i can maintain that almost no pores, unfortunately they are too expensive for even weekly use) undeniably it was glowing and radiant. Amazing amazing amazing!!! Definitely worth every penny. Great before any special occasion where you want to look your best glowing skin ever!