As seasons start to change, so does our skin as we age. In my 20s i just stick to one brand and one variant only and use it over and over cause it works for me. Since I’m acne prone I was afraid to try and experiment with different products, but when I started the 10 step skincare routine, boy was so addicted that I wanted to try so many different things. Some open up all their products all at once, but for me since i know myself and Im very impatient i need to finish up a product before I proceed to another one.

As I’m not getting any younger and I have pretty much balanced my sebum production, meaning I’m not a shiny ball anymore, I need to cut alcohol in any of my skincare ingredients as much as possible since it tends to dry out the skin, and hopefully in the near future eliminate it completely in my routine.


So here’s my updated morning skincare routine:

I now tried to incorporate the no cleanser method and wash my face with water only in the morning. Then pat in that excess water and not use a towel as well. Since then, I noticed that my skin is more hydrated, plump and dewy.

Vitamin C serum – Nufountain c20+ ferulic


ingredient list – water, 20% l-ascorbic acid, ethoxydiglycol, dl-panthenol, glycerin, magnesium sulfate, ferulic acid, sodium hyaluronate, sodium pca, phenoxyethanol, caprylyl glycol, sorbic acid

ph level – 2.5-3

smell/color/texture – smell is that usual vitc serum orangy citrus scent. liquid is clear and watery.

verdict – as we all know l-ascorbic acid in itself mixed with water goes rancid very easily but is very effective in helping fade those hyperpigmentations and acne scars. unlike the OST serum c20 it contains 20% vitamin c. this one also has 20% with ferulic that boosts the protective power of vitc but at the same time does not contain vitamin e that can cause pores to clog, perfect for acne prone skin types like me. this does not sting at all when applied i dont know if it is a good thing or not but either way this works for me. i guess my only complain is that this is too watery that one time i squeezed out using the dropper directly unto my forehead and it went straight into my eyes😆 ouch! washed it immediately! the company also boasts of making them fresh upon every order and you can order 3bottles at the same time on amazon at a cheaper price you just need to refrigerate the others so they wont go rancid easily. overall it does what vitamin c’s are suppose to and at a very affordable cost.

rating – 4/5

first essence – Benton Fermentation Essence

product claims – wrinkle improvement that includes galactomyces and bifida ferment filtrate, egf, and ceramide that provide intensive firming and moisturizing effects to keep the skin looking youthful.

smell/color/texture – clear watery light viscous liquid w/ almost no smell

verdict – i love how this product comes w/ a convinient dispenser. 2-3 pumps is enough for my entire face. ingredient list is also very impressive that includes more than you want in a 1st essence. great for all skin types as it does not contain alcohol and grntle on skin nor any comedogenic ingredients and very gentle on skin since there are no synthetic colorings, fragrances and harmful preservatives. this brightens my skin nicely and gives that beautiful glow. no wrinkle improvement, intensive firming and moisturizing effect as the product claims it to be. but i dont expect it to either maybe for long term use it might, i would never know since there are too many 1st essences that are so enticing to try for me to stick to this one for the long term. a bit plain and boring lol😆 but for now enjoyed using this maybe till i use it all up and no breakouts whatsover. 👍

rating – 4/5

toner – Hanyul Rice Essential Skin Softner

product claims – contains rice extracts that provides moisture and brighten up the skin. removes impurities then helps in absorbing more moisture.

smell/texture/color – light flowery scent that does not stick around but you can also smell the alcohol as well. transparent light viscous liquid.

verdict – the first thing i noticed was that alcohol was 2nd on the ingredient list. as you pat it in your face you can also smell alcohol but goes away immediately and it does not dry me out nor irritate me. it has actually helped in pulling in more moisture to my face. but might not be suitable for dry and sensitive skin types. i also noticed other products have a tendency to be tackier and stickier when i use this, so its sort of a wonderful binder that helps hold all the goodness of the products to come. at first i was hesitant to use this in mornings since i hate that sticky feeling all day but turns out makeup also clings well when i use this. this would be a perfect hydrator if there is no alcohol but i guess there’s a reason for that, maybe thats also the reason why its called a skin softner. overall, enjoyed using this but having second thoughts repurchasing due to its alcohol content.

verdict – 4/5

essence – Leejiham Tea Tree 90 

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ampoule – Tosowoong Propolis Sparkle 


product claims – contains natural pure 80% propolis extract soothes sensitive skin and make it healthy. helps to moisturize and give a glowing complexion.

smell/texture/color – faint smell of flowers that fades away quickly leaving almost no scent at all. clear watery gel like texture.

verdict – im almost halfway through this bottle and have been using it for 3months every morning. this glides on smoothly, sinks in quickly and yet is not tacky or sticky as soon as u are done patting it in you can move on to your next product. this contains 80% propolis and i needed all the soothing ingredients that i can get in my routine right now. i guess it helped soothes those angry flare ups but it was not the star product that did. had that nice glow but you can almost feel that it was just temporary and did not gave any lasting long term natural healthy glow even w/o makeup. it was moisturizing but cant be moisturizing enough to use on its own you still need a cream or another product for that. overall, it was ok for me but did not wow me and did not stand out. if used on its own did not have dramatic effects either. the only bonus in this product is that its budget friendly w/ a large capacity that might last you almost half a year.

rating – 3/5

emulsion – Swanicoco Fermentation Snail Care

ingredient list – viscum album, soybean, imperata cylindrica root, lycium chinese fruit, rehmannia glutinosa root, cuscuta chinensis fruit, cistanche deserticola, zanthoxylum peperitum fruit, chrysanthemum morifolium fruit, poria cocosporia cocos, cinnamon cassia fermentation extracts, snail secretion filtrate, grapefruit, thujopsis extract, camellia sinesis leaf extract, magnolia kobus bark extract, panax ginseng callus culture extract, human oligopeptide, rice ferment filtrate

color/texture/smell – light watery white cream in texture w/ a light floral scent

verdict – check out all that chock full list of ingredients – licorice root water, snail slime, green tea extract, collagen, rice ferment, lactobacillus, sacchromyces and other fermented ingredients.
glides unto the skin and spreads easily but does not sink in immediately, you have to wait a few minutes for this to sink in and move on to the next product. overall, this is a product i would recommend for all skin types but would be too light for dry skin since its somewhat watery in texture but perfect for like us who are clog prone and during those hot summer days. also great for those who wanted an all in one product that does it all. light on skin and does not contain any harmful ingredients. although this alone cannot brighten or give that enough moisturization when used alone.
rating – 3.5/5

eye cream – Benton Fermentation eye cream

product claims – a wrinkle improvement functional premium cosmetic w/c contains galactomyces ferment filtrate, bifida ferment lysate, egf and ceramide ingredients. it helps to prevent your skin damage and relieve skin irritation and stress.

smell/texture/color – almost no smell. very thick viscous opaque white cream.

verdict – my first impressions of this was a meehhh😆 when you first squeeze it unto your fingers its too thick that there are times that it falls off, its so hard to blend in that i felt it just stays on top. but after a while of using it, got pass the too thick texture feeling and i enjoy using it. now i put it first on my fingers and rub them together and let it melt before i dab it in my eyes. still you need to simulatinously spread and rub it in for it to sink in completely. on the plus side, i can use this before my moisturizer since i dont have to worry about this cream being all over my face since it does not contain any comedogenic ingredients w/c most eye creams contain. ingredient list is also very impressive and contains all the brightening and plumping properties that you need, but for me did not see any of that significant results from it, just gave that extra and enough moisture that i need through my day. also great travel as its fuss free, non bulky and comes in a tube. overall, this was just ok and did not stand out.

rating – 3/5

moisturizer – Beyond Angel Aqua Moist Cream

product claims – 70.1% of this hydrating cream is mineral sprout water, not purified water, which contains energy of the three sprouts raised with clean spring water. The sprouts having a strong life energy, organic babasu butter and ceramides moisturize the skin without leaving a sticky feel while retaining moisture.

smell/color/texture – opaque gel like medium viscous cream w/ a neutral spring water scent to almost none

verdict – oh i love this cream. just the perfect occlusive cream for my skin type. wont clog pores and does not break me out. sinks in beautifully. its non greasy and not too heavy to use during the day yet packs a powerful punch of moisture for both day and night. although i prefer to use this during day time then use another cream at night. since i dont mind feeling greasy or tacky at night time. a pretty impressive ingredient list of 70% mineral sprout water, ceramides, sodium hyaluronate, green tea, propolis, squalene and other extracts. everything you need for ultimate moisture. do also note that this does not have any anti aging or healing properties like other creams do offer. it is a pretty basic cream that does its job at moisturizing and does it well. also if you have a dry skin type you might find it too thin and not enough.

verdict – 4.5/5

sunscreen – Sunplay Water Kids ph5.5 SPF60+ PA+++

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hope this helps, my evening skincare routine coming up.

how about you what is your skin type and what is your daily beauty regimen?

Let me know in the comments below if you have any questions, I will be happy to help. Have a youniqbeauty day!