When it comes to skincare, the first step to a beautiful, healthy, radiant skin with pimple and breakout free skin is choosing the right foaming cleanser and the best one for your skin. This means you need to find a cleanser with a ph value of 5-6 no more no less than this.

How does cleansing affects your skin?

A healthy adult skin for whatever skin type has a ph level of around ph4-5.6, (ph stands forย ‘potential of Hydrogen’. Aย pHย value is a number from 1 to 14, 7=neutral, more than 7=alkaline, less than7=acidic.) our ph balance level is naturally acidic, this is also known as our acid mantle.

Cleansing with foaming cleansers is the step where your skin’s ph balance affects the most. Maintaining the acidic level of your skin will help keep your skin healthy, less irritated and not stripped of your skin’s natural moisture barrier. It will also help in stopping the growth of bad bacteria which means less or no breakouts.

How to test if your foaming cleanser has the right ph level?


  1. purchase ph test indicator paper at your local drugstore, pharmacy, laboratory or online. This usually comes with a reference chart that will indicate the ph level of an item you will be testing on.
  2. place a pea size amount of foaming cleanser of your choice on your palm, then lather it up with water in the same way on how you would lather your cleanser before you put on your face.
  3. take a ph test strip and soak it in your palms then take your reference chart to determine what is the ph level of your cleanser.


In this case as you can see on the main picture i tested the Acwell 5.5 refined clear foam to the test and the result is ph7-8. A clear indication that this cleanser has failed the test. What is more irritating is that as indicated in their packaging their cleanser has a ph5.5 and this is for sensitive skin. So if you don’t have a test strip you will just take this as this has the right ph level, and clearly its not.

here are some of the other cleansers that i have tested that have failed this test as well:


Mamonde rose water bubble foam – ph9 in liquid and foam form, ph7 when mixed with water


Skin food egg white pore hard foam – ph8

Innisfree jeju volcanic pore scrub foam – ph8

Dr. G total cleansing and toning foam – ph7

Nature Republic bee venom cleansing foam – ph7


Tony Moly Floria pore tightening pore cleanser – ph9

The Face Shop neo classic home double action foam cleanser – ph8

Skinfood tea tree and lavender foam cleanser – ph7

Shisiedo beneficante extra creamy cleansing foam – ph7


More coming up with cleansers that have the right ph level. Lets have fun in exploring and hopefully you will be able to find the right cleanser for you.

How about you what are your experiences on your foaming cleansers?